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Welcome to The Hive! The UK’s Premier Ecommerce Learning and Support Community.

Are you ready to elevate your ecommerce or Amazon selling business?

Imagine a place where education, collaboration, and support are not just words, but pathways to real success. Welcome to The Hive, the ultimate destination for ecommerce and Amazon sellers who are determined to thrive.

At The Hive, we believe in the power of ongoing education, mentorship, and expert-led support. Our community is spearheaded by industry leaders and successful 7-figure sellers who are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale your business, The Hive provides all the resources and expertise necessary to excel in the competitive world of ecommerce.

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Are you passionate about selling and growing your business on Amazon, but find yourself stuck in a growth plateau and uncertain about how to take the next step?

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The Hive helps Amazon sellers:

  • Get rid of the frustrations you may be experiencing with a traditional reselling business
  • Take control of your own success by creating your own unique listings from fast selling branded products
  • Build a brand that sets you apart from competitors whether you sell other people's products or create your own
  • Learn all the latest and most effective sourcing and selling techniques
  • Ensure seller maximise all the benefits of running a successful Amazon business
  • Learn to sell on multiple global marketplaces and diversify by selling on different platforms
  • Scale your business with our unique and proven 7 figure selling strategies for arbitrage and wholesale reseller businesses
  • Transform your side hustle into a full-time Amazon business
  • Overcome struggles with taking action, staying motivated, and being accountable
  • Unlock your true potential and achieve your goals

When you join The Hive, here's what you'll gain access to:

Education and Continuous Learning

Education and Continuous Learning: Experience a constant stream of new content and weekly live interactive sessions to keep you focused and supported in your key growth areas. Learn advanced selling strategies and explore effective ways to sell across various platforms and global markets. As you achieve your goals, your successes will be celebrated and recognised.

Networking and Community

Surround yourself with success by connecting with like-minded business owners. Our thriving community, led by industry experts, provides a space to meet peers, share insights, and stay accountable.

Exclusive Software Discounts

Gain access to exclusive discounts on our upcoming, cutting edge Amazon specific inventory management and replen software, BeeStocked.

The Hive Community

Join the leading UK Facebook group dedicated to connecting Amazon and E-commerce sellers. This supportive network is perfect for solopreneurs looking for a motivational platform to exchange ideas and experiences, offering transformative support in your ecommerce journey.


Unlock the BEEHIVE Vault 24/7 and discover a treasure trove of resources. Access to over hundreds of hours of exclusive pre recorded content and an ever-expanding library of templates, guidelines, and standard operating procedures designed to propel your Amazon and ecom success.

Here’s a taste of some of the content you will find in the HIVE:

Beecommerce Eu

Discover the vast potential of European markets with our comprehensive course designed specifically for mastering and excelling in Amazon sales across Europe. This course presents a golden opportunity, as Europe currently stands as one of the most lucrative markets for Amazon sellers globally. Learn the strategies, insights, and tools needed to capitalise on this booming marketplace and significantly boost your business.

Ebay Mastery

Unveil the secrets of successful selling with the eBay Mastery course - a comprehensive guide tailored to help you thrive on eBay. This all inclusive course provides you with everything you need to know about starting, managing and growing an eBay business. From setting up your store and finding profitable niches to mastering SEO for better visibility and optimising listings for higher sales, eBay Mastery covers all the essentials.


Dive into the world of wholesale with the Wholesale Intensive course, led by Jonny Smith, one of the UK's top seven-figure wholesale sellers. This detailed program is designed to transform your approach to wholesale business, covering crucial aspects like operations and logistics, sourcing for profit, and the art of negotiation. With Jonny's expert guidance, you'll learn how to streamline your operations, effectively source lucrative products, and master negotiation techniques to maximise your margins. Whether you're new to wholesale or aiming to refine your strategies, this course equips you with the skills needed to succeed in the competitive wholesale landscape.

The Hive’s 7 Figure Unique Bundle Training

Discover a revolutionary approach to Amazon selling with Natalie Cromie's 7 Figure Unique Bundle Training. This course, backed by over three years of proven success, has equipped numerous six and seven figure earners with strategies to outpace competition and skyrocket their profits. Delve deep into the essentials of sourcing unique bundles from fast selling branded goods and creating and optimising your Amazon listings. Natalie’s comprehensive training covers everything from product research to advanced PPC management and video advertising for registered brands. Elevate your business with exclusive insights and techniques that will set your brand apart and drive success for the long term.

Coming NEXT: Profit Sting | Coming SOON: 7 Figure SOP Library

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Meet The Hive Founders

Jonny Smith

With over 15 years of experience in e-commerce, Jonny has become a seasoned entrepreneur in the industry, skillfully operating multi-million pound businesses across Amazon, eBay, and Shopify platforms. As a TOP 250 UK Amazon seller, he manages extensive warehouse wholesale operations, consistently achieving impressive results.

What distinguishes Jonny from the rest? His ability to balance running multiple successful businesses while traversing the globe and embracing life to its fullest extent. His dedication, expertise, and passion for exploring new horizons serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

Natalie Cromie

Natalie Cromie is a successful female entrepreneur and renowned leader in the Amazon UK community, specialising in both the UK and US. Known for generating and managing seven-figure businesses, she excels in physical product sales and digital content creation.

As a branding expert, Natalie innovatively crafted 'Unique Bundles' in the UK, revolutionising traditional arbitrage selling on Amazon. Natalie has created an innovative selling system and she's trained and mentored hundreds of Amazon sellers, helping them launch and grow businesses into the six and seven-figure range.

Natalie's extensive skills and dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial talent make her a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. Her impact goes beyond her accomplishments; her vision and passion continue to inspire and guide the next generation of successful Amazon sellers.

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